Docker can’t run offline
Docker can’t run offline

Utilizing Docker containers becomes more and more popular for software development companies. Why? Because it’s quite convenient to build, deploy and run one application in one separate container packaging it up with all the parts it needs including libraries and other dependencies. Although Docker delivers some level of security, containers themselves do not provide all necessary security measures. For many organizations security is a big issue when dealing with open-source tools. …

With business becoming increasingly data-driven, Google DataFlow is one of the best tools for enabling cost-efficient streaming and batch Big Data analytics.

Our world starts operating more and more online, various business products and solutions deliver an ever-increasing flow of data and the businesses that want to remain competitive and must be able to process this data efficiently. Google Dataflow is one of the best solutions for batch and stream data processing available nowadays, and today we describe its basics, possible use cases and implementation scenarios.

Google Dataflow is a managed service from Google Cloud using Apache Beam SDK to build serverless batch and streaming data processing pipelines with unlimited horizontal scalability. …

Cybersecurity is a hot topic, as security threats continue to evolve. Today we discuss the cloud security team structure and roles, along with 5 critical features for cloud security.

As every business is a software business nowadays, keeping your IT operations secured is essential for ensuring the long-term success of your business. Cloud security team size can vary based on the scope of your business operations, but you still need to protect your hardware physically while protecting software and data from cyberattacks like DDoS, hacking attempts, phishing and others. Today we explore whom cloud security team should include, what are its roles and size, the relationship between your cloud security team and cloud service provider, and 7 critical features to ensure cloud security of your operations.

The main goal…

Writing a compelling DevOps resume is essential for every talent willing to land a job as a DevOps engineer. What points to cover and what template to follow? Read this article to know!

The job market is in high demand for DevOps specialists and many experienced system administrators are rapidly switching their careers and becoming DevOps engineers. However, while many software engineers already have the required experience, many more are just starting their journey and don’t know what to mention in their DevOps resume. Today we cover what the companies expect of a DevOps specialist and provide a template of what points you must cover in your job application.

The DevOps methodology is the mainstream and the crucial prerequisite for survival and long-term success in the modern fast-paced business world. However, while the…

COVID-19 pandemic has put an emphasis on staying healthy at home. Let’s talk about building fitness applications and apps for healthcare in 2020.

COVID-19 lockdown is a worldwide crisis but like any crisis, it provides lots of opportunities for those bold and audacious enough to seize them. While the population of developed countries mostly stays at home, people don’t want to simply waste time watching TV — they want to stay healthy, fit and work on their self-development. There is a huge and growing demand for apps for gym workouts, fitness applications and apps for healthcare in 2020, and this article covers all you need to know on the topic.

According to SimilarWeb report on the coronavirus impact from March of 2020, while…

The COVID-19 outbreak highlighted multiple shortcomings, so startups aiming to fix them boom nowadays. Here are 10 startup trends to implement in 2020.

Every crisis is a window for an opportunity, and the COVID-19 outbreak is no different. It highlighted lots of inconsistencies and shortcomings in various fields of our life. They were there before, yes, but they were not worth the trouble back then. However, in the reality of the upcoming post-quarantine economic recession, people and businesses cannot afford to remain lavish, and cost-efficiency becomes paramount.

Thus said, the consumers will order from those who will provide the best quality and the most affordable pricing, as well as providing the best customer experience. How to combine these seemingly mutually-exclusive goals? By implementing…

DevOps security becomes paramount in the world of remote work and online customer interactions. We list IT Svit DevOps security skills based on our projects.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has put many industries on hold for quarantine and forced many companies to reassess the way they work and interact with their customers. Working remotely and interacting with customers online quickly becomes the mainstream for all businesses and organizations that can function that way. However, working under the Waterfall project management model no longer suffices, as you have to adapt quickly to rapidly changing customer preferences.

DevOps workflows provide the needed functionality, but DevOps, as an approach to software delivery and cloud infrastructure management, is a double-edged sword. DevOps methods allow configuring and managing cloud resources…

Online video streaming is on a permanent rise worldwide due to its flexibility and wide range of features provided. Today we discuss three types of video streaming apps.

With the global outbreak quarantine due to the COVID-19 outbreak, millions of people worldwide were forced to stay at home all day long. While some were able to retain their jobs and started working remotely, many others were forced to start looking for new jobs. Nevertheless, the vast majority of the US and the EU population have some backup funds and are able to wait out the lockdown with ease. But what are they doing while being forced to remain at home 24/7? Most of them are watching their TVs in search of entertainment!

This is why various video streaming…

Many businesses face the challenge of gaining the trust of their customers. This is especially true for healthcare. How to build the patient’s trust then?

In times of crisis like the current COVID-19 situation, building and supporting customer trust in your products and services is paramount, especially in the healthcare industry, which is in the thick of the stress now. Thus, if you wish the patients to flock to your healthcare company and become lifetime customers, you need to provide top-notch care, coupled with great software products that provide excellent customer experience.

This can be achieved by building an integrated customer journey where your patients feel that your personnel is always in touch and are involved with the process of care, therapy and prophylactics. If…

Both organizations and talents want to be sure they invest their time and effort into the right thing. Therefore, what they want to know is — does DevOps have a future?

Does DevOps have a future? As an IT outsourcing provider with 15+ years of experience and one of the world-leading Managed DevOps Services providers, IT Svit has to answer this question quite a lot. Companies of all sizes want to address their business needs — predictable delivery of new products and updates, stable uptime of customer-facing applications and services, secure storage of sensitive data.

Over the past decade, the DevOps approach to IT operations became a uniform answer to all of these challenges. However, DevOps is not a buzzword anymore and people are always after new shiny toys. Our customers…

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