5 Benefits of Offshoring, Nearshoring & Outsourcing for EU businesses

What are outsourcing, offshoring and nearshoring?

  • software delivery,
  • IT infrastructure management,
  • server administration,
  • customer support,
  • marketing and design,
  • corporate training, etc.

IT outsourcing benefits

  1. Cost reduction. This is the primary and most compelling reason for IT outsourcing. From lower wages to shorter project onboarding — working with an offshoring company ensures less money is needed to accomplish the project goals.
  2. Shorter time-to-market. Hiring highly experienced professionals who have lots of similar projects under their belt means gaining access to polished workflows and readily available solutions, which will help deliver the project faster.
  3. Instant access to a pool of talents. For the reasons described above, finding a good team employed at an IT outsourcing company is much more likely than finding a bunch of unemployed talents and forming an in-house team with them.
  4. Project continuity. When a professional leaves your team, the tasks they performed are put on hold until you can find a replacement. If a professional leaves the nearshoring company, they usually have a replacement at hand.
  5. Developer documentation. All the work done on your project must be documented to ease the onboarding of new team members in the future. This ensures the entirety of expertise involved in product development is easily available if need be.

Conclusions on business benefits of IT outsourcing for EU and US companies



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