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DevOps methodology of software development and infrastructure management is now the most popular approach to IT operations, as it allows to greatly reduce OPEX and decrease time-to-value while keeping the quality of products and operations high. This is why most businesses want to gain access to DevOps expertise in some way: hire it internally, as technical support from cloud providers or as managed services from remote DevOps companies. Today we list best DevOps services providers globally as of 2020.

However, how do you determine the company is good — or best, for that matter? Do you judge by the number of accolades received or by the number of projects completed? Or by the team size, or by the number of certifications from various cloud platforms? Not necessarily.

Qualities of a good DevOps company

A good technology partner — and the best one for your DevOps needs — should have several qualities that do not depend on the number of specifications, but can be easily checked during a technical call:

  • Empathy. When you receive feedback from your customers, they want to know you can hear them and be in their shoes. The same goes for talking with a DevOps provider when you are a customer — you want to make sure they hear you. During the technical call, they must ask questions and closer to its end they must be able to voice the problem statement themselves.
    Unfortunately, many DevOps companies have been there too many times and each new project is just a sequence of actions for them. They might come up with ready solutions for your project before you even finish describing the requirements (as really, most projects involve very similar stages that every DevOps company has done a hundred times already).
    However, it is very important to work with a team that approaches your product methodically and clears out all aspects of the project instead of discovering some obstacles amidst the implementation of the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Open-mindedness. DevOps is the practical implementation of Agile methodology, but it does not mean it cannot be used with Waterfall processes. Many companies still do Waterfall operations for some good reasons — but they can benefit from DevOps to no lesser degree.
    Your DevOps consulting partner must assess all your processes and tools in place and be able to suggest several quick wins (like providing a library of scripts for automated deployment and configuration of testing environments), which can reduce the time-to-value for your processes significantly. This might even help overcome the reason, however compelling it might be, for your team to use Waterfall — and help you become more Agile, efficient and productive. But Agile adoption must never be voiced as a prerequisite for DevOps implementation, as it can work without it.
  • Expertise. 5 years is a good minimal term to master tools like AWS, Google Cloud, Terraform, Kubernetes, Ansible, Jenkins, Docker, Prometheus, Grafana, etc. — and become certified accordingly. However, these tools are not the only ones your business can use — and many companies successfully use Puppet, Salt, Chef and other systems.
    Therefore, the expertise you are looking for must not be centered on tools. Instead, it must be centered on processes like system design, cloud infrastructure management, software architecture planning, code deployment, monitoring and alerting, database management, etc.
    In addition, the attitudes and soft skills matter a lot — as your team must be comfortable working with remote contractors and not be treated as useless freeloaders because they do not have the needed DevOp expertise yet. Warm and professional attitude forms productive long-term partnerships — and this is an important component to look for in IT outsourcing expertise.
  • Tolerance. True professionals are quite often misanthropes who despise the people that do something inefficiently. It is easy for DevOps providers to obtain this attitude — as the demand for their services is quite high and most businesses out there are still only planning their DevOps transformation.
    A good DevOps company will never adopt this attitude and will not point out the inefficient processes or performance bottlenecks as your fault. Instead, they will as for the reasons for such a decision and propose ways to improve the situation.
  • Modesty. Try googling for “Most Popular open-source DevOps tools” or CI/CD tools, or monitoring tools for that matter. You will be flooded by titles and features, and selecting the most appropriate stack for your project might require investing quite a lot of time in figuring out what tools combinations will work best for you.
    Due to the customers being generally not too well-informed of such details, most DevOps companies promote the tool stacks they are familiar with as being best. This is especially true for cloud service providers. Contact AWS, Google Cloud or Azure and ask their support representative for an estimated solution for your project. You can be sure the suggested infrastructure will be composed of vendor-specific tools and services. This is natural, as AWS support engineers know AWS products best, etc.
    However, this a direct way to vendor lock-in and overpayment. Instead, a good DevOps company will suggest several possible infrastructure designs (mostly using open-source tools) and explain what are the benefits and downsides of each. This way you will be able to choose what fits YOU best.

Thus said, we compiled a list of 15 best remote companies worldwide that gained a reputation for themselves not only through the number of projects they accomplished or the brands they worked with — but through their empathy, tolerance, open-mindedness, expertise and, most importantly, modesty — as there is nothing worse than showoffs who promise to be Jacks of all trades and fail the project. This list includes top-rated remote DevOps companies with multiple positive customer reviews, ratings from independent technology consultancy companies and a wide portfolio of successful business cases.

  1. Accenture
  2. Infopulse
  3. Softserve
  4. IT Svit
  6. ScienceSoft
  7. HireUkraine
  8. Xenonstack
  9. CloudBees
  11. Broadcom (CA Technologies)
  12. Pythian
  13. Nclouds
  14. Happiest Minds
  15. SSW Consulting Services

Below we cover these companies in a bit more detail.


The world’s biggest DevOps provider from India fields more than 460,000 employees in 200 cities across 120 countries worldwide. Accenture was founded in 1989, is incorporated at Dublin, Ireland since 2009 and is a long-time technology partner of industry-leading companies. The company is listed as the most admired, eco-friendly and inclusive organization globally for many consecutive years.

Accenture works with industry leaders and startups alike, providing services in Agile transformation, DevOps adoption and implementation, cloud adoption, DevOps lifecycle management and optimization.


One of the oldest players of the IT outsourcing market in Ukraine and globally, Infopulse has 28 years of experience developing software and managing infrastructure for automotive, banking and finance, energy, telecom, hi-tech and software development industries. Being a Golden Microsoft and SAP partner, the company is a constant participant of various ratings and nominee of multiple prestigious awards.

With 7 offices across Europe and North America, Infopulse serves companies like Bosh, Gorenje, Ellevio and thousands of smaller customers in 30+ countries globally. The company provides a wide range of services, from software development and cloud infrastructure management to enterprise-wide integrations of Azure and SAP products.


SoftServe is a software development and innovative cloud solutions provider founded in Lviv, Ukraine back in 1993. Over the past years, the company grew into a leading IT industry player with more than 5,000 projects (with 68% NPS) accomplished by more than 8,100 employees of the global workforce located in 400 offices across 12 countries.

The company works with global leaders like Cisco, Atlassian, Deutsche Bank, Panasonic, Cloudera. Liebherr and IBM — as well as aspiring startups with great innovative ideas. SoftServe provides end-to-end technology solutions for software development, DevOps and cloud, AI and ML, VR and AR, cybersecurity and the Internet of Things.

IT Svit

Founded in 2005, this team from Ukraine has achieved much. It is listed as one of the leaders of the IT outsourcing market in Ukraine (along with SoftServe and Infopulse), as well as being listed as one of the top 5 leading Managed DevOps Services Providers worldwide by a reputable international technology consultancy Clutch from Washington, D.C.

It works with startups, businesses and organizations to deliver innovative end-to-end software solutions and cloud systems. IT Svit services range from full-stack web development and cloud infrastructure management to Big Data analytics, ML/AI, blockchain and CRM/HRM development. More than 800 successful projects accomplished over 5+ years of providing DevOps services ensure any business can get a working and affordable solution for their projects.

StackOverdrive is a New York-based DevOps and CyberSecurity consulting company. The team specializes in automating the software delivery and cloud infrastructure management routines to help your business ship better code faster and innovate at an increased pace. Having mastered Chef, Puppet, Mesos, Spring Boot, Ansible, Kubernetes and Docker along with other tools, StackOverdrive helps the businesses update their workflows and infrastructure while also ensuring safer and predictable software development pipelines.


Founded in 1989 by a group of Ukrainian scientists and computer enthusiasts as an innovative software development company, ScienceSoft became a technology partner that developed enterprise-grade software for 40% of Fortune500 companies. ScienceSoft is a Microsoft and IBM gold partner with huge certified expertise in both technology domains and is the core developer of Viber. The company helps enterprise and mid-grade companies build efficient, innovative and reliable ERP systems, productivity suits, healthcare and financial apps and platforms and much, much more.


One of the more recent additions to this group of providers is HireUkraine, a DevOps services provider with wide expertise in end-to-end software delivery. Founded in 2015, this company is currently among top-rated agencies on Upwork and serves companies of all sizes, handling PHP/Laravel, Python/Django and iOS/Android development, cloud system design, implementation and optimization, database and SaaS management services.

The main expertise of HireUkraine lies in its ability to provide dedicated teams for projects in a variety of industries, from travel and financing to healthcare and education, banking and advertising, media and entertainment.


This is another representative of Indian DevOps companies and while it is not the youngest kid on the block (being founded in 2012), this company has made a name for itself in the Gulf, India and USA market. Boasting wide expertise with AWS, Google Cloud and Azure DevOps services configuration, optimization and management, this team mostly works on building cost-efficient DevOps monitoring solutions that cover all aspects of the software lifecycle and provide reliable monitoring and alerting pipelines. XenonStack works on projects of all scopes and guarantees long-term satisfaction for each customer.


Founded in 2004, CloudBees has a solid reputation as a provider of cloud security, monitoring and CI/CD solutions based on Jenkins. With 30,000+ employees covering the needs of multiple businesses in Germany, Switzerland and the USA, CloudBees is a reliable DevOps services provider able to build custom enterprise-grade infrastructures for businesses of all sizes. Most importantly, the company specializes in real-time monitoring of all IT processes and operations for your business, helping any company become more productive and rest assured its IT operations are secure.

Yet another member of a vast Ukrainian DevOps community, SpacePort offers its services through Upwork since 2016 and has become one of the top-rated agencies there. The team provides ample expertise in Big Data collection, processing and storage, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithm training. The other core of their expertise is a full-cycle of DevOps services for startups and IoT/Blockchain infrastructure planning, deployment and optimization. SpacePort team leans heavily towards AWS and fields vast expertise with running and configuring this cloud platform for business objectives of any scope.

Broadcom (CA Technologies)

CA Technologies is a subsidiary of Broadcom founded in 1979, headquartered in the US but primarily operating in China, Australia and Malaysia. Holding 1,500 patents and marketing 200 software solutions, CA Technologies is a trustworthy provider of high-quality software and DevOps services. The core expertise of the company includes API development and integration, building multi-component cloud systems, AIOps solutions and enabling advanced system performance analytics.


Pythian is a global provider of Big Data services, database management and DevOps expertise. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Pythian offers its customers exquisite level of cloud computing management expertise. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Pythian has offices in the US, UK and India. The company operates since 1997 and boasts significant expertise in integrating Google Cloud-native technologies for boosting your business performance. The range of their DevOps services covers DevOps consulting, technology selection and implementation, providing managed Google Cloud services and much more.


Nclouds is an AWS consulting and implementation partner operating in the USA since 2012. It is one of the AWS-verified partners specializing in AWS infrastructure configuration, optimization and management for businesses of all sizes. The company also provides cloud migration consulting and execution, CI/CD implementation, Chef and Ansible configuration services, system monitoring and data analytics implementation, building operational pipelines with Jenkins.

Happiest Minds

HappiestMinds is a team specializing in enabling DevOps transformation for companies of all sizes. They have ample experience in identifying the existing gaps between your software development, QA and IT operations teams and processes. HappiesMindst concentrates on building a culture of trust and collaboration within your IT department as much as on building flexible and reliable DevOps solutions that help you reach your business goals.

SSW Consulting Services

This is an Australian DevOps consulting and services provider company from Brisbane founded in 1990. One of the biggest Australian DevOps market players, this company specializes in enabling the full cycle of software development and running cloud infrastructures. With a wide experience in a huge variety of domains, from Microsoft Hololens to Zendesk configuration, SSW Consulting can become a trustworthy technology partner for any business.

Wrapping up: how to select the best remote DevOps companies?

We have listed 15 companies from across the globe. They vary in team size, in the average project budget, in their technical background and history. However, all of them made it to this list due to meeting the criteria we listed above — honesty, tolerance, empathy, expertise and open-mindedness. Depending on your project goals and budget, some teams can be a better fit — but you can contact all of them and rest assured as you will work with professionals, whomever you choose!

Originally published at on March 27, 2020.



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