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It is useless to speculate if implementing DevOps practices is useful for your business. Multiple examples worldwide, from industry-leading companies to nimble startups confirm — DevOps benefits are substantial for all aspects of software delivery and cloud infrastructure management operations. Therefore, the question is not whether to adopt DevOps — it is how to adopt DevOps best?

There are three main approaches: hiring a DevOps expertise in-house, working with cloud computing providers or their certified partners directly or hiring remote DevOps companies. In this article, we list the pros and cons of all three approaches, showcase why working with DevOps service providers is the best solution and list the best remote DevOps companies in Ukraine.

3 ways to access DevOps expertise

You can hire a DevOps engineer in-house like any other specialist. This will ensure full control over his/her workload and direct management of all tasks if needed. Many companies see this as the best way of obtaining a DevOps expertise and retaining it inside your team, as the new employee will interact, communicate and collaborate with your team members and can provide developer documentation on the projects delivered to ease the onboarding of new staff.

However, this approach suffers from the same limitations and pitfalls as any other recruitment:

  • You need to pay for recruitment and HR services, as a fitting candidate must be found, recruited and made a part of your team
  • You cannot ensure the talent you hire is qualified enough for the job at hand
  • You will have to provide a constant workload and challenge to justify paying their salary once the project is over — or they are prone to grow bored and leave for greener pastures
  • You risk putting the project on halt if your DevOps specialist goes on vacation, falls ill or quits the job.

The solution to all of these challenges is having multiple DevOps engineers available to work on your tasks. However, the demand is higher than supply on DevOps services and having multiple DevOps talents employed full-time in-house can be not feasible for a business.

Therefore, many businesses opt for working with technical support directly from their cloud computing providers or their affiliated partners. This way you get access to experienced professionals that know all the best practices of cloud architecture and management processes, will work on your tasks under SLA and ensure the safety and security of your IT operations.

The downsides of this approach are few, yet they are substantial:

  • When working with technical support from a cloud service provider, you are one of the numerous customers, and your tasks will be processed within a common queue of requests.
  • Standard SLA of cloud computing providers like Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud sets Time-to-response in 4 hours (and we are talking about the response, not resolution here). Waiting for hours before your request is processed is not the best scenario for any business workflow.
  • Cloud vendor representatives will naturally use platform-specific tools like Google App Engine or Amazon CloudTrail to build your infrastructure, as they know them best. This results in vendor lock-in, disabling swift transition to another cloud platform if need be — you will have to build everything from scratch there.

To avoid these shortcomings, it is best to work with readily available specialists possessing thorough expertise in the required domain and not limited in their toolkit choices. Such specialists are employed by remote DevOps service providers and for a good reason.

Working with DevOps companies you gain instant access to a pool of skill, experienced specialists and ready solutions built and tested during previous projects. This way, your remote DevOps team can start providing value from day one and significantly reduce the risks and time of project completion. Self-explanatory benefits of DevOps outsourcing like cost reduction, ability to dismiss the team after the project ends and hire it again when needed, and ease of project management without overhead — all of this goes without saying.

The downsides of working with remote DevOps companies are but three:

  • They might actually lack the expertise needed for your project, hope to pull it through somehow and fail in the process — which is the nightmare of all businesses…
  • They might be situated in an inconvenient time zone, so their working hours will not coincide with yours, impairing communication and project management.
  • They can fall apart mid-project, leaving you with little but expenses and half-cooked solutions.

All of these pitfalls can be easily avoided when working with remote DevOps teams from Ukraine, due to several important factors:

  • Ukrainian IT outsourcing community is quite large (200.000+ people as of 2020) and very experienced (there are 60,000+ Senior software developers and DevOps engineers with 10–15+ years of expertise). Therefore, you will be able to find talent for any project, from software development and QA to DevOps services and Big Data analytics implementation.
  • The Ukrainian time zone is GMT+2, meaning the working hours of your remote DevOps team will coincide or overlap with your main team working hours, greatly simplifying communication.
  • Most of the Ukrainian Middle and Senior software engineers have 5–10+ years of expertise in their domain, fluent (or Upper-Intermediate) English and a wide range of ready solutions for typical challenges your business might face during the project.
  • Ukrainian IT service providers in general, and remote DevOps companies, in particular, have many years of successful operations, a multitude of completed projects and polished project management workflows under their belts. They have a portfolio of active long-term projects and are not likely to go out of business even during the coronavirus pandemic.

Thus said, there are quite a few DevOps providers in Ukraine, how do we choose the best one? The criteria of selection can differ a lot, from the number of certifications, proving their technical expertise to the number of positive customer reviews, use cases and successfully completed projects, proving their finesse in project management and attitude to customers.

The list below includes 10 best remote DevOps companies in Ukraine based on a variety of factors. The companies are listed in no particular order, as they differ greatly in team size, average budget costs, number of certifications, etc. What they all share in common is the dedication to quality and in-depth DevOps expertise.

  1. Infopulse
  2. IT Svit
  3. N-iX
  4. SoftServe
  5. Ciklum
  6. Spaceport
  7. Verna
  8. GlobalLogic
  9. HireUkraine
  10. Intellias


Founded in 1991, Infopulse is a global team of 2000+ software engineers, solution architects and innovators. Located in 7 countries across the EU, the US and Canada, these DevOps and software delivery professionals specialize at building high-performing infrastructures and complex end-to-end software solutions at scale for customers of all sizes and from all industries.

IT Svit

Founded in 2005, IT Svit is named the world-leading Managed Services Provider and one of the leaders of the IT outsourcing market in Ukraine by global technology consultancy Clutch. This team of 60+ software engineers, DevOps specialists and Big Data architects has 5+ years of expertise delivering end-to-end software solutions, cloud infrastructure management and optimization, Big Data analytics and Machine Learning models for its customers.


N-iX is a Ukrainian DevOps company with global reach founded in 2002. It specializes in enterprise-grade DevOps projects: migration to the cloud from legacy platforms or migration between clouds, CI/CD pipeline configuration, etc. It also provides an assessment of existing processes and optimization of workflows, design and implementation, optimization and management of AWS infrastructure. N-iX works with finance, telecom, retail, marketing and healthcare industry leaders.


Founded in 1993 in Lviv, SoftServe is now a global corporation specializing in delivering software systems and infrastructure to enterprise customers of all size. From enterprise-grade software development, DevOps and cloud management services to Machine Learning models, cybersecurity systems, Internet of Things projects, extended reality systems and other innovative R&D projects. From market research to product design, marketing, release and support — SoftServe provides a wide range of services for all businesses.


Ciklum was founded in 2002 in Ukraine and has grown to a global digital innovation agency with 24 offices worldwide. 3,500+ software engineers across the globe help Fortune 500 companies and startups alike in building innovative software products, resilient infrastructure, polished processes and detailed analytics. From eCommerce to robotic system automation, from cybersecurity and DevOps solutions to top-level software testing, Ciklum can become a reliable technology provider for your company.


Founded in 2015, this company is a new kid on the block, but has already become one of the top-rated DevOps agencies on Upwork with 100% customer satisfaction rate. The team provides a wide range of affordable DevOps services covering all aspects of IT operations, from IT infrastructure assessment and optimization to building CI/CD pipelines for software development and Big Data analytics, web scraping, data mining and processing.


Verna is a Managed IT Services Provider from Kiev, Ukraine, founded in 2000. It specializes at remote server support, infrastructure audit and optimization, design and implementation of IT solutions. The company offers 50+ software engineers with 70+ certified IT skills, who have successfully completed 450+ projects. Verna works with businesses of all sizes who want to have reliable data storage and server operation in Europe.


This global IT solutions and digitalization provider wa founded in 2000. It is currently headquartered in San Jose, CA and has offices worldwide, including Ukraine. Complex software systems engineering, customer experience design, infrastructure planning and building, web and mobile applications, embedded software an Internet of Things, automotive software and cybersecurity — GlobalLogic has ample expertise in various domains and provides DevOps and IT services for global brands like Volvo, Adobe, Panasonic, Zappos and Oracle.


HireUkraine was founded in 2012 and has since then grown into one of the most successful Upwork agencies for hiring dedicated teams of software engineers in Ukraine. From web and mobile development to DevOps services, cloud migration and legacy infrastructure optimization — HireUkraine is able to provide IT outstaffing to increase your team’s skill set and help rich business objectives on time and under budget.


Intellias was founded in 2002 in Lviv, Ukraine. The company primarily concentrates on DACH region and provides services in Automotive, Energy, Retail, IoT and Fintech sectors — bu over the year Intellias has grown into a global player with a multinational team spread in offices across the EU and North America. The company currently provides the full cycle of services, from solution design and customer experience to product development and long-term support, ensuring sustainable growth and success of their customers.

To wrap it up, you cannot go wrong when selecting among remote DevOps companies from Ukraine. There are multiple brands that can cater to any needs of any business large and small and provide in-depth expertise in many niches and domains. The companies from our list are reliable providers of IT services and software solutions, and while some of them can charge a bit too much for a startup, you will definitely be able to find a reliable technology provider in one of them!

Originally published at on April 7, 2020.



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