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There are multiple benefits for every IT-related specialist from attending DevOps conferences in 2020. From studying the use cases presented by prominent experts to mastering new skills through workshops, showcasing their own expertise and networking during the afterparty (or during the whole event :)).

Today we list 11 notable DevOps conferences to keep track of in the first half of 2020, so you can align your schedule accordingly and visit the ones most useful for you.

EU DevOps conferences in 2020

While the US has the densest concentration of IT hubs and professionals, the EU also has a powerful startup community and hosts a multitude of DevOps meetups, events, seminars and conferences that can be useful for any business. We mention 5 industry-leading DevOps events in Europe for your convenience.

NDC { London }

NDC London will take place in the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London, the UK from 27th to 31st of January 2020. More than 100 speakers from industry-leading companies and organizations like AWS, Microsoft and Google, representing various industries will cover 36 technologies during 104 talks and teach new approaches with 14 workshops.

The speakers like Damian Edwards from ASP.NET, Jon Skeet from Google and Troy Hunt from Microsoft will explore the questions of cybersecurity, .Net development, microservices, serverless computing configuration, Internet of Things and other topics.

In addition, there will be a free NDC DevClub for Kids event on the 30th of January and evening boat cruises. The ticket pricing varies from £1,560.00 to £3,630.00 per person, VAT included.

Agile, Testing and DevOps: Showcase

Agile, Testing and DevOps will be held at Hotel Casa Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands on the 30th of January. 16 keynote speakers from teams like Royal Mail Group, Agile Heart Europe, Broadcom and Accenture will explore the best practices for a variety of topics that will help your business get things done faster and better.

The speakers include Guillermo Martinez from Accenture, Sharon Abarnel from Broadcom, Dave Snowden from Cognitive Edge, Rhys Arkins from WhiteSource and other experts in various fields. They will discuss DevOps and testing, team leadership and boosting productivity through collaboration, mobile development, working product over comprehensive docs, customer experience over strict contract details, etc.

The talks will cover multiple useful applications of DevOps and Agile methodologies, the impact of Continuous testing and DevOps adoption and cover various aspects of CI/CD pipelines for modern businesses, even if they run legacy infrastructures. The ticket price is €295 for visitors and €495 for vendors/consultants.

QCon London

QCon London is the 14th event of the series, which will be held in the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London, the UK from the 2nd to the 6th of March 2020. Nearly 130 speakers from companies like Pivotal, BBC, Monzo, Oracle, CossackLabs and LinkedIn will cover various aspects of app containerization and splitting to microservices, data streaming and real-time big-data analytics, data compliance with regard to GDPR and Kubernetes architecture and lots of other topics.

The list of speakers is quite astonishing: Akhilesh Gupta from LinkedIn, Luke Blaney from Financial Times, Colin Breck and Percy Link from Tesla, Aviran Mordo from Wix, Jessica DeVita from Netflix, Sanne Grivonero from RedHat and many more prominent practitioners — people with ample hands-on experience in the topics they speak about.

The talks and workshops will help you uncover emerging trends and tools, identify best practices from experts working on the bleeding edge of the technology, meet the true leaders and innovators in software development and adopt the implementable insights for your business. The cost of tickets ranges from £1,670 to £2,730 with -10% in case of pre-order before January the 25th.

Kube Con + Cloud Native Con

Kube Con + Cloud Native Con, one of the biggest annual DevOps conferences, will be held from the 30th of March till the 2nd of April in RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is sponsored by the leaders of the IT industry — AWS, Google, MS Azure, Cisco, Red Hat, VMWare, Oracle, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, CircleCI and many others. This even from the Linux Foundation is traditionally devoted to two major parts of the software delivery — the development of Kubernetes ecosystem of software and services, and the evolution of cloud-native computing approaches.

As this is the flagship conference, it will be attended by keynote speakers from the leading enterprise and open-source software developers and cloud service providers, who will showcase the most interesting solutions and business cases of the previous year. The conference offers 4 days of keynotes and breakout sessions, along with an evening of lightning talks, an evening of welcome reception + sponsor booth, and an all-attendee party to sum it up.

Amsterdam is a picturesque city with various attractions, so you will be able to benefit from sightseeing in addition to multiple entertainments in your venue and hotels. The ticket price ranges from $150 to $1550 excluding the accommodation, so feel free to book your hotel rooms and tickets beforehand, as all the rooms will be booked out at the conference dates.

DevOpsCon London

DevOpsCon, the conference dedicated to containers, Continuous Delivery, microservices and cloud services, will take place at Park Plaza Victoria London, 21–23 April 2020. This conference covers the importance of using DevOps, microservices, continuous delivery and cloud computing for handling the ever-increasing complexity of your software systems and processes. The event presents the latest tools, technologies and methodologies for building secure, resilient and scalable systems.

Speakers from world-leading companies will present their keynotes and lead multiple power workshops with on-site teaching and implementation of new ideas.

The speakers from The LEGO Group, IBM UK LTD, DevOps Institute, OLX Group, EPAM Systems, Financial Times and other prominent organizations will cover the topics of embracing the DevOps culture to transform the enterprise cloud, moving from monolith to microservice enterprise applications, learning the things you never knew about Terraform, configuring Kubernetes Network Policies, moving from continuous firefighting to continuous monitoring — and other themes that will be useful for your business.

Workshops will cover applying the Agile best practices to improve organizational agility, learning to deploy and configure Terraform on AWS and a hands-on session on deploying, configuring and scaling Kubernetes on AWS among others. The tickets cost between £449 and £1169 VAT excluded. Early Bird -10% discount applies till the 31st of January and special offers are available for freelancers or employees of scientific institutions.

Asian DevOps conferences 2020

Asia is an actively developing part of the world, and many businesses there are interested in performing a digital transformation. There are many DevOps conferences, meetups and events to visit in Asia in 2020 and we list 3 most prominent ones.

DevOps Talks Conference, Melbourne

DevOps Talks Conference Melbourne is an event for Australian and Asian DevOps engineers and visionaries, who design and implement complex digital transformations for enterprise businesses and startups. This conference showcases the best practices and technologies your business can utilize to turn DevOps into a powerful engine for enabling continuous integration and continuous delivery for your IT operations. It will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on 18–20 March 2020.

The list of speakers includes Patrick Debois from Snyk, John Willis from Red Hat, Jessica Deen from Microsoft, Jason Lee from DataDog, Fiona da Silva from Australia Post, Darragh Kennedy from ZenDesk, Angela Donohoe from BPay and other experts. They will speak of containerization, cybersecurity in the cloud, implementation of Continuous Delivery workflows in various industries, cultural transformation as the basis for digital evolution, etc.

It will be a great opportunity for all parties involved in infrastructure management and optimization, development of DevOps solutions and their implementation for solving real-life business challenges. The ticket price ranges from A$1,049.40 to A$1,099.00.

DevOpsCon Singapore

DevOpsCon Singapore is the Asiatic installment of the worldwide DevOpsCon initiative. It will be held on March 23–26, 2020 at Suntec Singapore Centre, Singapore. It will cover the latest aspects of infrastructure management, working with Kubernetes, microservices, cybersecurity, Docker, Cloud architecture and business culture transformation.

The listed speakers include specialists from Adobe Systems, Dyson, LEGO, Red Hat, Netflix, LivePerson and other companies that will present their latest use cases covering business and company culture transformation, running serverless apps in the cloud, mastering Kubernetes ecosystem, enabling continuous delivery and automation of business workflows, ensuring the security of your cloud operations, splitting enterprise-grade monolith apps to microservices and much, much more.

CI/CD experts, automation specialists and consultants will hold strategic sessions and hands-on workshops, helping attendees get firsthand experience and actionable insights on various aspects of Kubernetes management, CI/CD process automation and security. The tickets will cost from $449 to $1169, with the most expensive tickets granting Raspberry Pi or C64 Mini as a gift.

Another installment of DOTC will take place 17–19 of August 2020, but nothing is known of speakers, pricing or venue as of January 2020, so keep posted on the updates if you wish to participate or attend it.

DevOpsTalks Conference, Auckland

DevOpsTalks Conference, Auckland is the next installment of the DOTC that will take place at Grand Millennium Wellington Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand from 24th to 26th of March, 2020. Speakers from local and global companies will share their experience and vision on the latest advancements and achievements of DevOps, enabling the local DevOps community to learn and challenge the best practices of cloud architecture design and infrastructure management.

The speakers at this conference will represent world-known and prominent local brands like Baruch Sadogursky from JFrog, Lance Burdett from Warn International, Jason Yee from DataDog, John Willis from Red Hat, Jessica Deen from Microsoft, Andrew Hatch from Seek, and other experienced professionals. They will host sessions and workshops to help attendees put their newly-obtained knowledge to good work and practice it first-hand.

The first two days will be dedicated to the sessions and the last day will host the workshop. The admission price ranges from NZ$652.00 to NZ$695.00, excluding the GST and the accommodation costs.

US DevOps conferences 2020

The USA is a worldwide leader in cloud computing innovation, so it’s only natural it has a wide variety of excellent events and DevOps conferences held around the year across the country. We list 3 most interesting entrants for the first half of 2020, the rest are sure to follow.


The 18th installment of South California Linux Expo — Scale 18x will take place in Pasadena Convention Center on March 5–8, 2020. This is the largest community-run DevOps conference where open-source and free software experts discuss the ways to evolve the DevOps community and advance its culture and best practices, as well as the latest solutions aimed at further empowering the DevOps ecosystem of tools and processes.

The speakers include Paris Pittman from Google, Elizabeth K. Joseph from IBM, Computer Science Professor Vicky Tanya Seno, Josh Berkus — the head of Kubernetes community at Red Hat Inc, and more than 150 other exhibitors. The event will provide access to 130+ sessions, panel talks, tutorials and other events.

Being an open-source community-run event, SCALE 18x has very affordable pricing — from $20 to $85, excluding VAT and accommodation expenses. Feel free to visit the Greater Los Angeles areas this spring and speak with prominent community members to enrich your experience and learn new approaches to the system administration and corporate culture evolution.

Red Hat Summit

Red Hat Summit is one of the world’s largest conferences for DevOps talents, software engineers and contributors who move the community forward. It will be held at Moscone Center South, San Francisco, California on the 27–29 of April 2020. This conference is traditionally combined with power training courses and examinations to help the attendees maximize the positive impact of visiting the conference.

The speakers and keynotes at Red Hat Summit are world-known influencers that showcase the latest innovations and practices in Linux ecosystem evolution, Kubernetes implementation, container management and open-source tools integration, cloud automation and other solutions on the cutting edge of technology.

The tickets for this event vary in price greatly. If you order your attendee pass before February 27, it will cost you $1,395, but if you buy it on-site during the event, the cost will be $1,995 for the conference and up to $1,200 extra for the Power Training and certification services (various discounts and special offers apply).

Agile + DevOps West

Agile + DevOps West will take place at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, NV on June 7–12. This week-long action-packed Techwell event is a popular annual conference dedicated to bringing together expert DevOps practitioners and visionaries to exchange ideas and generate new approaches that help transform the businesses and enable the team to combine efforts and speed up the software delivery while meeting strict code security and quality requirements. This event will definitely be useful for anyone willing to leverage all the benefits of combining Agile principles with DevOps workflows and tools to reach business objectives.

The list of speakers includes several experts from prominent brands like Brendan O’Leary from GitLab, Gene Gotimer from Coveros, James Hunter from IBM, Marek Kiszkis from Netflix, Gautham Pallapa from Pivotal, Pawel Piwosz from EPAM Systems, Kaylee Wichert from the US Government and more than 30 other visionaries with industry renown. Their sessions and tutorials cover a wide range of topics, from building agile processes in your company and implementing them for global enterprises at scale to integrating DevOps automation with your IT operations to ensure seamless delivery of new products and uninterrupted availability of services.

The pricing packages vary widely, based on the features included and the booking date. It ranges from $495 to $3,994, plus you would need to secure lodging in Las Vegas. Thus said, as this can easily be the most costly DevOps conference of the year, it can also be the most valuable, due to a chance to attend various training sessions and networking.

Originally published at on January 31, 2020.



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