Docker Selenium Codeception Jenkins Container from IT Svit

Provisioning a Selenium/Codeception testing environment: 8 hours of hard work

The difference between manual and automated provisioning

Automation and ease of deployment: a Docker Selenium Codeception Jenkins container

  • A stable solution for rapid deployment of Codeception testing environments
  • Automation and ease of deployment due to error-proof step-by-step script
  • Ease or reproducibility to ensure the same results of the tests run by multiple testers, to avoid the “works on my machine” situation.

Preparing a Docker container: Dockerfile for installing the components script explanation

  1. Launching the X Virtual Framebuilder
  2. Launching Selenium
    java -jar /opt/selenium/selenium-server-standalone-2.53.1.jar
  3. Launching the chromedriver to act as an API bridge between Selenium and Chrome:
  4. Suppressing the stdout and stderr to remove the unneeded output:
  5. Add & to launch the container in the background and avoid blocking the CLI:
  6. Launching Jenkins:
    /bin/tini -- /usr/local/bin/

The progress so far

  • Safari WebDriver support for Selenium
  • A supervisor with Process ID’s to use Jenkins for swift manipulation of multiple testing environments and separate outputs for Jenkins.log and Selenium.log
  • Having Jenkins container untouched and using Jenkins worker for it.
Benefits of IT Svit Codeception solution




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Vladimir Fedak

Vladimir Fedak

DevOps & Big Data lover

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