IT Svit achievements and results of 2019 | IT Outsourcing Company ★ IT Svit

HURMA System — an internal tool that became a successful product

  • An AI-powered chatbot AI Partner that allows using multiple HURMA functions on your smartphone with a convenient chatbot.
  • A 1-click vacancy publication on a corporate website and a wide variety of job portals in Ukraine and other countries due to powerful API integrations
  • A convenient LinkedIn plugin that automatically downloads the potential candidate profile to the system.
  • An AI-powered CV parser, which automatically downloads key details from CVs from a variety of formats (.pdf, .csv, .txt, .rtf, .docx, etc.)
  • An integration with CleverStaff, allowing to import candidate profiles from this popular ATS in a single click
  • many more useful features and updates.

IT Svit accolades and recognition

2019 — a year of new skills and partnerships

DevOps support for a business cloud integrator

DevOps services for an event booking platform

Senior DevOps engineers for a US provider or enterprise cloud solutions

DevOps services for a web-conferencing software

Python development and DevOps for an ERP platform

Conclusions: 2019 was a good year for IT Svit and we look forward to 2020!



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