Remote work: the new norm in the changing world | IT Outsourcing Company ★ IT Svit

The main pros of remote work and outsourcing

  • Instant access to a large pool of skills. It might be hard to find some specific talent locally, especially if your company is not located in a major startup hub (and especially in the situation of quarantine). Quite the contrary, working with IT outsourcing provider grants instant access to teams of skilled professionals.
  • Professional teams. Finding a talent does not equal to succeeding with the project. Forming a team out of multiple individuals takes time and effort, even more so in the situation of quarantine. Outsourcing your project to IT Svit helps with this too, as we house ready teams with polished processes, who can start working on your tasks at once and deliver value from day one.
  • Communication simplicity. IT Svit provides remote work and IT outsourcing services to US and EU businesses for more than a decade. Our Sales Managers, Project Managers, and Team Leads are experienced professionals with fluent or Upper- Intermediate English proficiency. They will be able to easily understand your project requirements and transform them into precise specifications, so you can rule out the miscommunication possibility.
  • Operational efficiency. Over the years we have accomplished a multitude of projects and have faced multiple typical challenges. This allowed us to gather a library of ready solutions and scenarios for most common tasks, which means we are able to provide much shorter time-to-value for your products.
  • Overlapping time zones. IT Svit is headquartered in New York with R&D center in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Our time zone is GTC+2, meaning our work hours overlap with most of the EU and for at least several hours a day — with various parts of the US. We are always online when you need us and respond promptly to all requests and inquiries.

Organizing remote work for your team

  • messengers like Slack,
  • issue tracking/project management systems like Jira or Trello,
  • Version Control Systems like Git,
  • Human Resource Management tools (Hurma System, BambooHR, Zoho People, etc.)
  • corporate Learning Management Systems (Open edX, Blackboard, Moodle, etc.)

Pitfalls of remote work

Conclusions: remote work is the new norm



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