Top 10 DevOps courses that merit your attention

Read the right DevOps books and blogs

Complete the right online courses

  1. Coursera DevOps courses
  2. Open edX DevOps courses
  3. Udemy DevOps courses
  4. Udacity DevOps course
  5. Youtube DevOps videos

Top 10 online DevOps courses to complete

  1. Introduction to DevOps: Transforming and Improving Operations is probably the best course to start your DevOps journey. From the basic DevOps terms and concepts up to ensuring infrastructure resilience and site reliability engineering, this course from Linux Foundation will be a great trampoline into the world of DevOps.
  2. DevOps for Developers: How to Get Started will be a good help for developers that aim to gain skills in software delivery and testing automation, using latest DevOps tools and best practices. This is one of introductory courses from Microsoft and it will help better grasp the DevOps principles and building blocks.
  3. Infrastructure as Code will be a good help to engineers that begin learning DevOps with MS Azure. This course teaches the basics of cloud infrastructure provisioning using various configuration management tools like Chef and Puppet, as well as MS Azure features.
  4. Version Control with Git from Atlassian is one of the fundamental courses required for understanding the DevOps workflows. This course helps understand and learn to use the functions and features of Git for building the CI/CD software delivery pipelines, which are essential for DevOps engineers.
  5. Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals is a basic course from Google Cloud intended to help the System Administrators learn the ropes of using GCP, its architecture and features.
  6. Getting Started with GKE is a week-long intensive course that helps new DevOps practitioners to understand the essentials of working with Kubernetes — the cornerstone of modern cloud infrastructure. It also explains the basics of building CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins and provides a ton of links for additional useful guides and materials.
  7. Architecting with Google Cloud Platform developed by QwikLabs provides a decent level of explanation and practical application of Google Cloud functionality and architecture. This course is intended for IT Engineers and aspiring DevOps talents with some experience, so it definitely should not be the first course you take.
  8. Ansible for the Absolute Beginner — Hands-On-DevOps is a PAID course on Udemy that teaches the basics of working with Ansible, one of the most important DevOps tools for enabling continuous integration and delivery of code.
  9. DevOps Practices and Principles is an Intermediate level course from Microsoft, covering the basics of automating the software builds, configuration deployments, code testing and production environment monitoring using MS Azure tools and features.
  10. DevOps training videos from Edureka are a great cycle of educational videos, covering all aspects of DevOps workflows and tools, as well as advice on pursuing the DevOps engineer career and receiving further DevOps training. They are explained by DevOps experts and illustrated with easy to comprehend presentations.

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