Top 10 Resources to Find DevOps Service Companies

Fast delivery of high-quality software is the top line of any IT business leader's wishlist. To meet this goal, many organizations either adopted DevOps or made a couple of steps in the direction of implementing this hot-trend methodology. What’s the reason? The 2020 DevOps Trends Survey revealed that 99% of 500 developers and IT specialists responded that DevOps greatly improved their performance. They obtained new skills, produced better outcomes, and significantly sped up product release. However, DevOps realization is not a piece of cake, pretty often organizations instead of anticipated faster software delivery and cost-optimization get delays and unreasonable spending. Why? This can happen only if DevOps was implemented incorrectly. You need a well-planned strategy of DevOps implementation designed and provided by experienced DevOps experts. All too often IT organizations, especially small businesses or startups get DevOps services from mature DevOps companies. Here are the main questions then: How can I find a great DevOps service company and how can I know that it is suitable for my organization? Here we will tell you how!

Why do you need DevOps-as-a-service?

Back in 2009, when the term “DevOps” was mentioned for the first time it implied a cultural shuffle that was supposed to unite development and IT operations teams. In practice, we have different scenarios for DevOps implementation which are disclosed in detail here. But the main point is that DevOps is mostly a collection of experiences and practices aiming to automate all the processes that help boost output and deliver first-rate software more frequently. With DevOps you get:

  • Rapid and more frequent delivery. With DevOps, which definitely means CI/CD pipelines designing and automation, the software development processes are streamlined at most. As a result, products are delivered faster.

The past 10+ years placed Devops on the top list of extremely wanted approaches for any IT company. At the same time, many companies have admitted that DevOps adoption and implementation can be a very difficult and overwhelming procedure. For most SMBs and startups that experience a lack of skilled DevOps specialists, it’s very hard and costly to grow the in-door DevOps team. If it’s your case, we strongly recommend turning to competent DevOps companies that provide DevOps services.

How to choose the best suited DevOps-as-a-service company

Once you decide you need a reliable DevOps service company before you dive deeply into the long list of vendors, you need to ensure that the selection process will be successful. Here is what has to be done before you start looking for a trustworthy tech partner for your business:

  1. Define the processes you need to upgrade with DevOps-as-a-service. Set realistic goals and clear KPI’s. A great idea would be to match your particular goals with the DevOps service provider’s expertise.

How to find the best suited DevOps-as-a-service company

So, the decision to address your organization’s needs to mature DevOps professionals is taken. You’ve already defined what exactly needs to be done and how. Well, the time for these questions has come: “What sources can I use to find the most fitting for my organization DevOps-as-a-service company? How can I get information about it?” Apart from delving deeply into Google search and Forbes Cloud 100 list, you can reach out to trustworthy websites that assemble ratings which basically is a collection of genuine feedback on a company’s work.

One of such independent services that receive honest reviews from unbiased reviewers is Clutch. co. Clutch is a self-sufficient platform that collects impartial customer reviews of every company that is listed on the site. They conduct in-depth interviews with customers and buyers about the quality of their interactions with each registered Clutch company. Based on the collected data, Clutch forms a fair rating of all firms. What’s more, Clutch categorizes companies by their geographic location, area of ​​expertise, and concentrates on thoroughly revised skills.

One more source you can turn to is the GoodFirms research platform that helps software service seekers to decide on the best company. At the same time, GoodFirms helps IT service companies improve user acquisition statistics, market share, and brand awareness.

Plus, you can always get all the necessary information on specialized websites like Hackernoon, Medium, or Hacker News where professionals post their expert articles including their opinions on service companies they have encountered.

How to inspect DevOps-as-a-service company

Once you’ve found a DevOps-as-a-service company, or you are still deciding between a couple of them, you can reach out to one of these market research firms that produce company reports.

  1. ICD Research publishes thousands of company profiles that contain in-depth information and data about the company and its operations, such as major products and services, financial ratios, and key employees.

Final thoughts

With DevOps constantly growing in popularity, we get why IT organizations are eager to adopt it ASAP. However, DevOps implementation is not an easy thing to do, and it’s helpful when implemented correctly. It’s not enough to roll out some tools like Jenkins and Nagios and consider your mission done. No, it doesn’t work this way. That’s why plenty of SMBs, startups, or even big businesses rely on mature DevOps professionals that provide DevOps services. Businesses address their DevOps-related issues to outsourcing companies to reduce spending, boost efficiency and teams’ productivity. But before you do it’s a great idea to start with understanding what exactly you need, how to choose the service company, where to find it, and how to analyze its performance. We hope our tips can come in handy.