Top Staff Augmentation Companies from Ukraine

Staff augmentation allows many businesses to quickly gain access to the talent required for their projects without having to hire it long-term. We list top staff augmentation companies from Ukraine for you.

How to find a good staff augmentation firm?

  • Attentiveness. When your customer provides feedback about some issues or situations related to your product or services — he/she expects you to listen attentively. You should show that you are in their shoes, and be able to reproduce the problem at hand by the end of the conversation in order to be able to resolve it ASAP.
  • The same logic works when you become the customer and talk to a Managed Services Provider that will be performing staff augmentation for your project. They must listen attentively to your project description, ask lots of relevant questions and by the end of the call they must be able to describe the issues you face.
  • They might be able to suggest ready solutions at once, too — as while every project is unique, the components of its delivery can quite often be repeated with little effort. However, it is far better to listen to the project requirements in full before suggesting the course of action. This will help avoid facing any nasty surprises mid-project.
  • Flexibility. There are no best practices carved in stone for any software development or infrastructure management process. The contractor you choose must start with assessing the toolkit and workflows you use and offer the best ways to integrate the expertise you need with what’s already in place.
  • They might even be able to provide some quick tips on improvements that will deliver value at once — but none of them should be a must-have prerequisite for your projects. A good staff augmentation company will find a way to adapt their processes and solutions to your needs, rather than forcing you to adapt to theirs.
  • Expertise. Naturally, when you look for some skills outside of your team, you want to be working with experienced specialists. How much expertise is enough and how to prove it? The most obvious choice is hiring specialists with multiple certifications. However, most of the time these certifications prove only that their owner knows how to use certain tools or platforms, not that he/she knows what your project needs.
  • Therefore, the best indicator of expertise is actually the type and number of the projects your potential remote staff members were involved in. If this company specializes in the services for your industry and company size, there is a good chance their specialists will know how to deliver the results you need.
  • Besides, working on a variety of projects and successfully accomplishing them is impossible if the outstaffing specialist does not have soft skills expertise and is not able to integrate with your team smoothly. Therefore, the number of successfully completed projects within your niche can be much more important than the number of certifications obtained by the team.
  • Attitude. We mentioned it briefly above, but it is worth dedicating a whole point to it. Seasoned veterans sometimes adopt somewhat cocky attitudes — they have been there and done that hundreds of times, they know what’s best for you, etc. A good company will take time to assess your toolkit, processes and technology stack — and if an opportunity presents itself to remove some bottleneck or weak point in the chain — they will let you know. More often than not, you will already contact them with a need to change something to make it work, but the attitude matters a lot.
  • Openness. It is very appealing to pose yourself as a Jack-of-all-trades for an IT outstaffing specialist (especially, if he/she really has some astonishing things to be proud of). However, sometimes the level of seniority with some programming language or expertise with some framework is not enough. Good staff augmentation teams will warn about this beforehand — as it is always better to be forewarned than extend deadlines and budget estimates — or halt the project due to some critical mistakes being made.
  1. N-iX
  2. Andersen
  3. IT Svit
  4. Beetroot AB
  5. Skelia
  6. ELEKS
  7. Spaceport
  8. Academy Smart
  9. HireUkraine
  10. QArea



IT Svit

Beetroot AB



Academy Smart





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